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With a combined total of 50 years of legal experience, Litigation Consultants of Tennessee, Inc. (LCT) provides its clients with guidance in legal matters and issues relative to the client’s business endeavors, with a focus on advancing the client’s goals and objectives in the most efficient manner possible. LCT’s attorneys come from varied backgrounds and possess a wealth of legal experience from many different areas of the law. 

Our Approach

Your goals are our goals, and one of our primary objectives is to work with clients to avoid litigation by structuring agreements to avoid problems and litigation. Our team provides guidance in contract negotiations, consulting on both transactional and litigation matters, and dispute resolution including mediation and arbitration with an emphasis on resolving disputes quickly and efficiently to minimize costs and delays to our clients.


LCT also provides full representation in matters which are in litigation, whether in State or Federal Court and at both the trial and appellate levels, or those which may be in arbitration. Our attorneys are able to represent clients not only in Tennessee but also Florida and numerous other states as a result of affiliations with law firms nationwide.

Why Us?

We understand that your business legal needs and issues require a more novel approach than a one-size-fits-all legal resource. From an hour legal consult regarding your next business move or legal dispute to tying up the loose ends on that contract of a lifetime, we understand that the decisions you make for your business can mean the difference between closing up shop or expanding to that new location.


Our goal is to keep you out of court, but rest assured LCT's attorneys will be prepared to fight should your legal matter involve litigation at trial or appellate levels in State or Federal Court.


At LCT, our clients come and remain first. 

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